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Kissing over physics book

Okay, I'm Pau, and today has been the most romantic day of my life. So, I didn't feel like, perfect to go to school today, so I stayed home. So, I had to go to the school to pick up my physics book and so, I went inside, and upstairs to my classroom, and just after I went in, my boyfriend went in like really tired, and I was like, Hi! And he said that he had seen me come upstairs, and I told him like, yeah, I din't feel well today so I skipped school, would you help me look for my physics book? I just can't find it, and he was like okay. We looked for the bock like 30 seconds, until I felt his arm on my waist, and so I turned around, and he told me "Please, kiss me" I was like, no, I'm sorry, I'm sick and I relly don't want to make you sick too. So, he told me like, not to worry, blah blah. So, I told him, "I'll kiss your cheek only, I reeeeealy don't want you to feel bad" He gave me the most romantic answer in the world. He was like "I haven't seen you all day long, and when I see you, you look beautiful. What should I do?" So I hugged him, and he started to walk me to a corner. And I fell down, so I was sitting in the floor and he like, leaned a little bit, and we french kissed, but it was really amazing, because he was like, horizontal, and I was vertical, so our tounges met in a different, but DELICIOUS way. Then I stood up, and grabbed his hand, and kissed his wrist, while I looked at him, and he told me like, I might kiss you again. OMG! I was like. PLEASE! but I just moved closer,and we kissed again, it was totally AMAZING. I really love him, like totally.
I'm really in love with him.



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