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Winter formal

It all started in kindergarden. From what I can remember he was the biggest dork ever. All through elementary school we were best friends. Having sleeping over together at our friends house in 5th grade and having campouts under the stars during the summer. The summer before 6th grade we all went own the beach which was a tradition for us and promised we'd stay close forever. But in 6th grade we went to different school and almost never talked or hung out. Three years later as high school started this year we started hanging out again. We developed feelings for each other and went out. Soon it felt akqward and we broke up. I don't think either one of us really stopped liking each other though. A few months later we still were close and it was january. This ment winter formal was coming up. Being his friend i told him i would help him get a date and help him ask her. But secretly i really wanted him to ask me. Almost two weeks went by with all my friends getting asked to formal around me and me not having a date. As the new week came in he suddenly stopped talking to meand i was confused and dissapointed. As i was heading into my 3rd period english class i look up and he wlaked by and gave me a little smirk. It was weird but it still made me smile. Half way into english a slide comes onto the projector screen that reads : "Zoe, Winter formal is near and my decision is very clar. Wanting you by my side is something i can't hide. I know what is right and that's being with you on formal night. Jacob :)." I was floating, i could not stop laughing like i was in 2nd grade and i couldn't stop smiling. 30 minuters later at break we was outside of my class waiting for my respone. Of course i said yes and gave him a hug. Our winter formal is like about two weeks and im hoping valentines day is special because i know he likes me back.


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