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Love can hurt

When i was in 8th grade, i started dating this guy who had liked me for 5 yrs. things were great and i loved him, but then...he wanted more from me than i was willing to give. After 16 months of dating, i broke it off. Less than a week later, he was asking out three of my friends and getting many girls' phone numbers. So I was hurt. A couple months later, my best friend went off to Kuwait b/c he's in the Air Force. Because of those two incidents, I met the guy I am now head over heels for. My b/f and i go to the same school and after my best friend left, i was upset and my now b/f asked me if i was okay and he was so sweet to me. I knew something had changed. School got out and a girl from school threw a party. When i saw him walk over to me, my heart jumped. I couldn't b w/him cuz one of my friends liked him. Him and I spent the night talking and joking around. My friend later told me she didn't like him, so I took my chance. We flirted. When he was getting ready to leave, i wanted to get his # so we could talk, but he was on the phone. I hugged him and said goodbye. The next day, my friend tells me that she DOES like him. I didn't tell her how i felt. So she asked me to call him and he didn't answer. He called back a few days l8r and we talked and I found myself falling for him. Finally, I admitted my feelings about him 2 my friend and she was mad. Then, the guy admitted he liked me and I told him i liked him. Within a few days, we were dating. We have been together for 8 months now and we are head over heels for each other. Unfortunately, he will be moving 4 hrs away from me in about 4 weeks. Long distance relationships are hard...but we're gonna stay together. Love can hurt...but when u find the right one...the end result makes the hurting worth it!


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