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Married with bond

He came through the door of the Econ class; startingly wearing the male replica of a coat that I myself owned. He was gorgeous and looked to be quite intelligent and purposeful. I fell in love with him at first sight. We had an English Lit class in the Spring together. At first he seemed not to like me...perhaps he was just unhappy about something in his life; I ignored him...then one day he started to sit beside me and asked me my name.. this went on for a year; every day that he attended these two classes he always sat beside or near me...people hummed love songs in our presence. We chatted but never off campus did we meet; he always stepped up from behind me to open doors for me; but never really crossed the line romantically. I was younger as he had returned to school; I had asked him why he had dropped out, to which he replied, "something came up". I figured he had a kid out of wedlock...but was too dumb to figure that he was not free to love....we grew closer...spiritually, for lack of a better word. He told me when he was nearing the end of his courses. We were in our last Econ class together; I left out early, he followed and asked me for my phone number. Having fallen from the turnip truck after being born the day before, I gave it to him with no questions asked.(how stupid can a girl be, right?)
He called a few times; never asking that we go out together...I finally started to get a clue; then I discovered that one day (I was not at home; can you believe I told this fool where I lived..with my parents)he popped by my house unannounced...I was stupid and unaware but I got royally ticked off by this...he called after this impromptu visit and I asked him what was up with him...what kind of message was he trying to communicate to me. This was the last conversation that we had. I went out of town that year for Xmas and I never heard from the fool again! When I returned I had asked a friend of his if he was married...he told me yes. The friend told me that he was sorry (for a naive, idiot, inexperienced girl). I told the friend that there was nothing to be sorry about as this guy and I never had physical contact in any way. Its good that when you're dumb; you're also slow moving; or so it was in my case. The problem is that I see this fool regularly now and I want to clear the air with him. He just stands in front of me looking at me; will not break eye contract with me; talks very softly to me. Its like time stands still when he is there. His moon is on my Sun; My Ascendant is on his Sun; His Ascendant trines my sun; My moon trines his Sun; My Venus trines his Mars...his Venus trines my Mars. I have always felt uncommonly connected to him; I've always thought that I recognized him at first sight. I have finally concluded that he reminds me of me. Who is or him? When I finally saw him again after swearing if I ever did that I would never speak to him again...I wanted to leap tall obstacles to hug him!!!!!
Is this Insanity at its best?? I moved on and married someone else; yet I can not shake this feeling of having a bond with him!!!!


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