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Weak in knees

my parents have the cutest love story.......ok well my mom was finishing her first year of college and her bf just broke up with her, she knew she could have persuaded him to come back to her but instead she decided to forget it, so later that summer she went to bermuda and met my dad at a club i think............well he had the lamest pick up line ever he asked her where the ciggarette machine was hahaha and he knew where it was he was just trying to pick her up obviously haha anyyways she was like oh idk so he was like ok but then later his mother my grandmother very well known for her huge personality and crazy parties came up and invited my mom and her mom to the table so they went over and my mom and dad were talking and getting to know eachother and they even kissed just a little peck and she said to him "i've never kissed a man with a mustache" haha, he still has a mustache and now he is 60........ok anywho my parents kept on spending more time togather throughout the summmer and falling in love and had an amazing connection.........she was 19 and in her first year of college and he was 31 and he had just gotten over a break up from a serious relatinship. well ofcourse summer ended and my mom decided and told her mom that she wanted to stay here with my dad instead of finishing college and my grandma was like WHAT?! and so she did they stayed togather FOR 5 YEARS and then got married and they are still happily married, she is 49 and he is 61, they are soul mates for eachother, and you know what? even though she left college she still got a pretty damn good job for herself and i remember a while ago this was a few weeks ago we were watchjing a movie and a kissing scene and i was like "oooh i bet she is weak at the knees" and my mom whispered, when your daddy kisses me i STILL get weak in the knees. isnt that so CUTE?!!! all these years and they still have an amazing connection and pretty good lives..........two amazing daughters (i.e. one of thems me haha) and i really wante to share their story because its realy good to know that there is someone out there somewhere in the world who is absolutely PERFECT for you, and some people never find them which is the sad truth, so count your lucky stars and never let them go..............hope you liked my story :P


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