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Man of my dreams

He was the one temptation that I couldn’t walk away from. He consumed my every thought and filled my dreams. He was like a fever burning in my soul that she could not free herself from. Forbidden. The word that springs into my thoughts like a stinging accusation. Where was my better judgement. I am a married woman with three children. He is very married with a six kids and a loving wife of 25 years and also my good friend. How could this happen to me? I’ve agonized, finding no answer. Our relationship had been purely harmless, never inappropriate or private. I noticed how careful he was around women. He was obviously used to being the object of women’s desire. At the age of 47, He was very handsome in that dark, exotic way that I could not resist. Born of South African descent, His hair was thick, wavy and black. His skin was dark and smooth. Gifted with talent, he skillfully played almost every instrument known. With a voice blessed from above, anyone who heard him sing was moved by the depth of passion and strength in his voice. His lips begged to be kissed, firm and smooth with beautiful white teeth hidden behind them. When he smiled at me, I could hardly think clearly. As handsome as he was in all of these ways, the one thing that I could not resist were his eyes. Dark brown , nearly black in color beneath straight black brows. They say the eyes are the windows into the soul. One night as we were standing outside talking in the moonlight, when he suddenly stopped in the middle of his sentence. When I lifted my eyes to his, there was such desire in his eyes as he looked into my eyes and stared at my lips as if he would kiss me. This only lasted for a few seconds, but it seemed to me as if time stood still. I got trapped in his eyes…I don’t know if I can get out or if I really even want to. We see each other several times a week and it’s the hardest thing that I’ve ever done to pretend that I have no feelings for him. But I know that he knows, for I catch his eyes upon me, watching me. If he sees me talking to another man, I can see jealousy flare up in him. I feel as if we were destined to be together and yet I cannot deny that it’s wrong. How do I stop loving this man that can never be mine, except in my dreams………


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