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We Took the TIme and Matured

Back in High School I met this guy thru my own family. He was friend's with my sister and started coming over because he liked her but she didn't like him. He began hanging out with my mother and her fiancee and soon he was pretty much like a my annoying older brother. He and I used to argue a lot and I hated him with a passion. One day it was raining outside and he saw me walking home so he gave me a ride back to my place and we sat and talked for awhile. Here and there I would get rides to places I needed to go and soon enough we were together almost everyday. My mother found out about this and since he was such a close family friend, she wouldn't allow us to date. He asked her several times if he would be allowed to just take me out once but she denied his request.

One night we were sitting in his truck and he asked me to kiss him, so I did. That night when we returned home, my mom banished him from our home and said she knew something was going on without us even telling her. About six months later he came over again to our new house when we moved. Once again he became apart of our family and he and I rekindled what we had lost half a year before.

We hid this relationship for 4 and a half years on and off. It was a very unhealthy relationship with a lot of emotional and verbal abuse. We were both very young and naive and weren't capable of creating a good relationship. Although he had my heart wrapped around him, he took advantage of it and hurt me over and over and over again. He would tell me I was never worth it and make me cry all the time. All I wanted was this boy to love me. He had a lot of trauma happen to him in his life so he was unable to express himself other than thru anger.

Over the summer, right when I started college, he and I got into one of our biggest fights ever at a friend's party. I said everything to him I ever wanted to say and then left the party without him.

A week later when I went to find him, he was gone. He had moved from Ohio to California because of a job offer thru a friend of his. He had mentioned the probability but never told me he was going to for sure. I was beyond devestated that this was the end of us. I was heartbroken for over a year and finally decided that I needed to work past this, he would never come back and if he did, he would still provide an unhealthy relationship for me. Working through all this heartache was the worst thing I had to do and I never stopped loving him. When it was good, it was the best.

2 years and 4 months later after his departure as well as a lot of prayers said for him. I stopped by a friend's house that I hadn't seen for a very long time. Upon my arrival I was bombarded with the fact that he came back home and was looking for me. I was scared to death and didn't know what I should do. I knew the relationship we had before was not good and so I didn't want to do that to myself again.

The day after I found out he had returned, I received a phone call on my cell. It was him. He wanted to see me. So he drove the hour up to my apartment to hang out with me. Then, the next night he did as well. We talked until the wee-hours of the morning and had so much fun catching up. We tried to leave the past lie where it was and move forward. I realized at this point, this young boy I once saw had turned into a gentlemen. A gentlemen who cherished me very much.

The third night I drove to him. Where he and I stood outside for two hours while he confessed everything to me about how he feels, how he felt and what he wants. He apologized over and over for the way he treated me and explained there is no excuse for any of it. He said he worked thru a lot of his problems and he knows one thing for sure...he wants me back in his life. And this time, he wants me forever.

We're still going strong so far...I'm head-over-heels for him and he treats me 100 times better than any person ever could in my life. It has been proven to me that people can mature and wisen up and learn from their mistakes. It took 2 and a half years for him but he knows what he wants now. True love will always last forever.


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