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Lilacs and Love

One year on my birthday, I was introduced to the sweetest smile I've ever seen. After one dance she disappeared. When I got home that night, I noticed the Lilacs were in full bloom. I picked some and put them in a vase to allow the fragrance to permeate my house. For the next few weeks, every time I went out, I picked a fresh Liac bloom to give to her if I ran into her. A month went by and I had not run into her again. When I finally spotted her again, the Lilacs were not in bloom anymore. I never stopped thinking about her and was determined to get her phone number. She gave me her number that night. Later on in the relationship, I told her the story of the Lilacs and she thought I was giving her a line of bull.

Every May when the Lilacs bloom, I would pick fresh blooms everytime I go to see her. Sometimes I would leave them on her porch with a little note in the middle of the night, so she could find them in the morning. My heart was always happy to see the Lilacs bloom every year.

My sweetheart is no longer with me.

Every May when the Lilacs bloom, my heart is filled with warmth and happiness because of the joy and love that it symbolized over the years. My heart is still with her, and will be forever in rememberance of the happiness I felt with her.

I love you darling.


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