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This is this boy in our class that usually doesn't get attention from girls. But he was so sweet and all the girls thought that he was gentleman. But he was really shy. Then one day in class I looked at him and i was like "WOW I like him a lot." and we became really good friends after that. And over the weeks that I got to know him as a friend my "like" turned into love. And finally after knowing this guy for almost 2 years I asked his friend to ask him who he liked. And his firend asked him and he liked me! I was so excited I could hardly stand it. Then a few days later in class I asked him who he liked and ansered that he liked me and thought that I was beautiful and pretty! And so we became an "item" at school. Rumors started so fast about us it was insaine. S finally I went up to him after almost 2 months and I asked him you don't like me anymore? He said, "No.. I love you.." I could not believe it. So I said, "I love you too. Right in the mist of everybody around us yelling at us. And we just stood there smiling at each other like a fool. It has been 2 more months since and I have never been happier. We write love notes to each other in class. It is so great.


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