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Don't give up

i liked dis guy named ry 4 2 years strait. we were best friends, dats it. then 7 grade came around and i started to like dis other guy. n right when i was going to ask this ''other guy'' out, my friend came up to me and told me that ry likes heart dropped. i didnt no what to do. a couple days went by and i found out that he was going to ask me out. so let me get to da point.
im @ lunch one day w a group of girls. n ry is w a group of guys. all of a sudden they come walking twords us n he says my name. i turn around and look @ him and say yes. he asks me if i will go out w him? i stood there 4 like 30 sec. until i final got the courage to say yes! <3

so all da girls reading dis who like a guy dat ur jus "friends" w, take my advice. Dont give up until hes in ur arms.


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