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Young and fragile

Okay, so there is this guy i met back in January. January 17th, 2007. He was two years older then me so, i flirted around, didn't think anything would come out of it. But like, a week or so later, he called and asked me out. Of course i said yes, i mean, a older guy? thats amazing! It all went well for the first month or two. I didn't think it last that long since, we both went to different schools, and only got to see eachother after school or on the weekends. But eventually, between all our laughs, stupid jokes, and sensitive kisses, we fell in love. I remember the day before i went to the states for summer vacation, we spent all night together. And i kissed him and hugged him then walked away. It was raining, and i was crying, and i guess he knew that. Cause he called me and told me to stop crying and that i would get to talk to him everyday. I thought that this could be the start of an amazing relationship. This was my first true love, so i was new to all this relationship stuff. And the seriousness of the situation was so overwelming. i was so young and so fragile, and he knew that. When i got back from vacation, he gave me a necklace. a Really important symbol to me. I havn't taken it off since the day he gave it to me. But back to the story, the school year started and things started to fall apart. i heard rumors about him cheating on me, and being so, young, lol. so i broke up with him. And i know i hurt him, alot. cause my best friend called him and talked to him. I was soo confused and i really wish i hadn't done that. but i did. and things went back to normal over time, he got a new girlfriend, and i got a new boyfriend. but i went through about 2 or 3 boyfriends but none of them stayed. Him and his new girlfriend were perfect. and everytime i saw them together i'd cry. cause i saw that he was giving her the passionate attention that he once gave me. Eventually they broke up and we started to hang out again, and eventually we ended up going back out. everything went pretty well during the christmas vacation, and then our year anniversary came along, and so did valentinces day. Everything was fine. But then i found out that he was cheating on me, and it was real this time. It turned out that he was going out with His ex and me at the same time. so of course i ended it. But now its been a couple months, and we still love eachother, and hang out just as much as we used to. But i would do anything. ANYTHING to have him back again...


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