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hey whats up well im going to tell u my story well how i met my boyfriend named kyle is @ school i really didnt like him but he did my friend came up 2 me said that he wanted to go out with me i said noooooo because at that time i didnt like any boy at the time i did not want a boyfriend i no im crazy so whatever well anyway that day we were n the lunch line getting my lunch and my friend dared me to kiss him so i did
then after that day i gave him my # so i we could talk then when we went back to school and we were going to go to the bathroom my friend saw kyle and said do u still like payton he said yes i was like omg i did not no what to do i was so made it wasn't funny so we went back to the class room and i was thicken to myself well lets give him a week n see how it gos now im here now with the same boy im so happy we r going out every thing is working out we have been going out for bout 5 1/2 month but gurls im going to till u its really hard having a relationship love is really hard i thought it was going to be easy but was just moving to fast you have to move slow its not easy at all u get scared and want to break up with him and u think u r going crazy dont know what to do iv been there yes i broke up with him i was stupid but thats why u have him thats what he told me u have to work together well thats my story i dont want to till you a long ass story its already to danm long anyways but i luv u guess so much and follow ur dreams open ur eyes be good!!!!!!!:):><::(not) lol lol lol


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