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My light

My light
Back in august of 07 my friend convinced me to get a MySpace, which up to then I had no plan of getting on that bandwagon. however after awhile he finally got me to start one, and I am so glad he did cause 3 days after I got started I added a ku fei role player who would turn out to be the love of my life. Are first conversation started because I replied to a bulletin that she had posted. After that first conversation I knew Id like her. Over the next couple months we talked all most every day, becoming good friends. Then in November I realized I really... really like her. Then during the last week of November I asked her to be my rp gf I was very happy when she said yes. then during December I realized that I didnt just love her in rp but that I love her in rl to, even though we nevered meant in rl, we had discuss our real life a lot and I had fallen in love with her . Since then Ive thought of her every day and waited impatiently for her to log on so we could spend more time together. Weve had our good times and our bad times. And every time we have a bad time we pull through it and to me that says we should be together. Shes my yuki, shes my sora, she is my love. shes made me so happy over the past couple of months, no matter how depressing my day had been as soon as I started talking to her Id feel hope again....she had become my light in a sea of darkness....that is why I call her my light...she brightens up my day and gives me the strength to get through my days. Every day that I talk to her I fall more in love with her and no matter what problems get in the way of our love, I plan to overcome them all no matter how hard they are...I plan on being with her till the end of existence ....and I will let nothing get in the way of it!!! Yuki I love you so are the most important person in my life and Ill do anything to be with you forever....I truly love you and I hope you never forget matter what happens or how many years past Ill always love you.


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