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Only three hours talking

one day before the first day of school i was talking to one of my best friend on the phone.. when she had stped out side from here house she saw on of he guy friend that had just got came back to town she started to talking to him while i was on the phone so i asked her whos that she told me it was a friend name ralf i said oh laughing he sounds cut and then right there she said do u want to talk to him i said yea but then i said no she still put him on the phone he got on and said whos dis i told him and he asked me where do i live i told him then he was like well im comin up there with some friends i didnt beleive him so then my friend got back on the phone n she was like their really goin up there so then like 1 hour later he appear at my house n i got really nurves so i went out there not knowing which one was i talkin to on the phone so there was 3 of them n i asked who is ralf n at first they tryed to play games with me and had one of them step up n say that he was ralf n i was thinkin to my self he is ugly n ther the real ralf said no we just playin im ralfn i was hopein it was him to when i saw him i was happy later on that night we where out side from my house and we were just talkin for that whole night it was speical he was 16 n i was 14 then he went home n the next day i went to school i told all my friends about it n the 2 days passed n then there he was outside the school my friend called him over n told him that i liked him n i tryed to run away all shy but my other friends was holding me n then he said that he wants to go out with me that day was on sep-1-05 from that day on i have so happy with him n now we been goin out for 2 years n 6 months who ever thought that we would last this long so gettin to know eachother before getting into a relationship is better its not always that way i didnt even know him we only spented 3 hrs talkin to eachother n look how we tryed out....


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