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Well.. my story goes... i was in a bad place mentally seriously depressed so i logged in to a chat room and started talkin to this random guy .. added him on msn.. and didnt really talk 2 him untill two weeks later when to be honest i was going through some seriouse self harm issuses but .. i just confessed everything about my problems to him.. and he has been through it all.. i know its hard to believe like the ulitimate coicidence he stopped me from being in that place he helped me become the person i am today after 2 weeks of none stop conversation he sent me a text saying ...i erm, you .. i knew i love him 2... so much lol..we talked none stop for 2 montsh went through some quite amazingly high ups and downs... i wont go in to detail about them because it would take two months to explain .. eventually we decided to meet the first meeting scene has ran through my head so many time but when i steped of the train and saw him he was the man in the photos the man on webcam ,, and the man i am madly in love with... i owe him my life... we walked down by the river and had our first kiss... i have been with him for little over 3 months... but .. i know him like i know myself ...i feel he is the one hes my best friend and my true love... i hate leaveing his arms.. because that is my security blanket... see love isnt comes to you in the most unexspected forms.. when i needed someone and was alone.. i found my true love.. coincidence or fate ?.. i love him.. hes my world my everything x


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