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Notebooks filled with his name

I knew from the moment I saw the guy in junior high I didn't trust him. That was the guy every girl wanted, every girl DREAMED about him in class, and soon notebooks across the school were filled with his name.
I knew he probably enjoyed the attention.
Soon my suspicions were confirmed, he had broken a girl's heart. She was one of my best friends, and she had really liked him. She soon afterward moved schools, and he had a girlfriend with a bigger butt.
I put my heart into my schoolwork and ignored him, now I REALLY didn't like this guy. I sat with my usual friends at lunch (I don't like to brag but I'm pretty popular). They all talked about him at lunch, and I excluded myself from these conversations. Soon they were all drooling over him.
One day, it happened. I was walking down the school hall without my friends, heading for Science when he bumped into me, knocking the stuff out of my hands. Not seeing him at first, I apologized and bent to pick my stuff up at
the same time as he did. He handed me my textbook and I looked at him.
"Oh," I said.
He just looked at me wierd.
"Thanks," I said, grabbing my book and heading to science. Suddenly he was talking to me, and all of my friends were drop-dead jealous.
"He's stupid," I said.
"And hot!" they would say.
I acted only like a reserved, un-personal friend towards him. I didn't want him to know anything about me, but unfortunately the little devil charmed my friends into telling him everything about me, from my embarassing moments to all of my teachers' names.
I quit consorting with him almost completely. When he said hello in the hallway a curt nod was my reply and I walked past.
Then the next thing that happened changed my mind completely.
Two kids got into a fight at the park near school. Almost all the 7th graders were watching, but I've got impulse control issues, unlike them.
Like an idiot I got in the middle of the two boys fighting and rightfully got a punch in the eye. Soon all of my friends were leading me to the nurse's office, and I was cursing at that kid loudly.
Unfortunately for me he saw me with a huge black eye being coddled by my worried friends.
"Oh no," I moaned, seeing him jogging over, "look I don't need to go to the nurse's office I wanna go home!" I finished, stomping my foot like a two-year old.
"I really think you should get that treated," he said, "cmon."
He put a gentle hand on my arm and that's when I fell for him. I looked at those heavenly blue eyes and I was a sucker for that stupid guy.
He sat with me in the nurse's office until I was at my crankiest and most dismal point.
"Um sorry about your eye," he said, walking back outside with me.
I shrugged.
Soon we were inseperable. He'd taken me to the movies the day after I got a black eye.


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