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I saw my Soulmate

I recently met a man a year ago who totally blew me away. He is a man's man, very independent and with outgoing personality. After a few weeks things seemed to me were going great but I was still in limbo of love because I recently had just ended a relationship with a man of over 10 yrs. I felt that my new found beau felt that my heart belonged to someone else and the relationship didn't go any further. After a few months me and some girlfriends were having a night out on the town when I thought I saw my Soulmate. But to my surprise it was merely a vision of him or someone who resembled him. After that night I started to wonder what happened to him so I did some research online and located him. He currently at this present time has legal obligations and is in jail. But I have written him several times to give moral support and let him know he has a friend in me. The said part about it is that after all this my feelings are still strong for him and he states that the feelings are mutual. Being in that type of situation I know he realizes that when he had the opportunity to love me he decided to get the love from many others instead of one that is true. Having said all this God allows for people to see there mistakes but still gives Grace.


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