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I waited ten years

He was a guy in my third grade class; he was boyish and had these two teeth that made him look like Chip or Dale the chipmunks. We went to school together and when we went to high school he started showing an interest. Our school has a crush fundraiser at Valentines Day and he gave me two. Now Josh and I are going out, he is very sporty and plays for our school's basketball team. He has the best three pointers in my option. Josh is very smart, funny. To me he was Prince Charming. I support his decisions to go to college and be a pharmacist. All it took for me to fall in love with him was the fact that he was mowing grass and with NO SHIRT. He had braces and the chipmunk teeth are gone. It was the summer before our junior year that changed everything. We have been dating for two weeks and I hope that we stay together. Josh was my first love and that is never change. Josh was a guy that every one wanted to be a round. I waited 10 years to date Josh. I always loved when we would drive on Coal Branch to go to town or home because it met that we would pass his house. I always looked to see if he was out. Sometimes doing yard work or in the garden or mowing his grandma’s grass. Sometimes he was playing basketball. One time here recently , we was going home and he was out with no shirt on again but this time he was facing the road. (Luckily a slow driver was in front of mom) I looked up and when I saw him I though oh yes you will be mine. I live in fear of losing him since I waited ten years.


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