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Wondering about the wolf

I thought I'd hate high school. I'd just had the best summer of my life with the best friends anyone could hope for, and I wasn't too happy to be going back to all of the gossip and backstabbing that I was sure was unavoidable.

I got into drama, got a great start on my grades, kept in touch with summer friends, the usual. Then we got closer to the final rehearsals. What happened then was what took me by surprise.

It wasn't really his looks that caught my eye. Really, it's hard to tell what someone really looks like with a prosthetic wolf nose on. But something in his personality grabbed my. The only problem I was a short freshman girl and then there he was...your picture perfect tall dark and handsome, on the wrestling team, and a junior to top it all. He couldn't even know my name. Why would he care?

"Amy." I turned to see him walking towards me, carrying my sweater. "Is this yours?" he asked me. All I could do was nod, smile, and say. "Yeah, thanks...Jake. Thanks." and pray my voice didn't sound too shaky. That same night, one of my friends had brought me a small flower. I hadn't noticed Jake standing there until I said (more to myself than to anyone else) "These flowers look out of place with my costume." he gave a smile and a laugh, then took the flowers from my hand. Before I knew what was going on, his hand had come up and tucked the delicate flowers gently behind my ear. As I tried to register what had just happened, he said. "My last scene's on next. Will you watch me?" I smiled and nodded. "'Course I will."

For some reason, people told me I was smiling a lot that night. But now that I think of it, I'm not surprised.

After that closing show, I thought it over. It couldn't mean anything, could it? He was a junior. Why would he even look twice at a freshman? Well, a cute guy knew me and I wasn't going to question how he liked me, all I could do was try. It couldn't hurt, could it?

We've gotten a little closer. But I'm still not sure how he feels. At first I thought it was just a crush. A high school obsession. But I know what those feel like and this is different. And It's making me wonder.


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