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I met her in 11th grade in my second period class when one day I was just sitting alone with no one to talk to and she came and said hi to me and introduced herself and I was like, in my mind, why are talking to me because mostly people didn't talk to me they just ignored me because i was kind of a bookworm person.So we talked and i told her a bit about myself and than i said to myself maybe she talked to me because her friends didn't came and she was bored and that's why maybe she went to talk to me.But the next day we were talking again and then we kind of became friends.Then one day i saw her with a guy which is her guy friend and they were just playing and i remembered that iwas kind of jealous because i didn't get the chance to hang out with her too and like i'm not the jealous type i was what's wrong with me because not only was i jealous that i felt left out but because they were kind of hugging and being kind of close and i was why am i feeling like this and than i later on figured out it was because i had fallen in love with her.So each day at school i didn't know what to do around her or how to hide this feelings from her because i wasn't sure if she was taken so i had no choice but to keep it a secret.The things i love about her is the way she is,her laughter,the kind of supporting person she could be and everything that makes her her.But the one thing i love the most is her gorgeous smile that brightens my life and i'm crazy about.Then 12th grade came we didn't get to talk like we use to but i use to see her around campus and there were times where we use to bumb into each other and say hi and there were times where she was alone and one time i was going to tell her the truth but then her friends came and everytime i saw her my heartbeat beated faster as if it was screaming for her and screaming can you feel it can't you notice that i love!So later on at senior year i've had it and i said to myself just go up to the girl and tell her the truth and tell her how much she means to you so one day i decided i was and i was ready and confident about what i was about to say to her that was until i saw she wasn't no longer single that she was already with someone holding hands and kissing.When i saw that i felt that my heart was smashed into a billion pieces and felt somewhere where no one will see me and i cried like i've never cried because it hurted so much inside.So each day in school i saw them together and yeah it hurted me but its my fault that im suffering because i should of told her the truth from the beggining and maybe it would of been different,so its my fault and even though im happy for her because what matters to me is that she's very happy and that she has someone that loves her and is there for even if its not me because i rether see her happy than sad.But i would of liked to of told her in person that i love her very very much and i've never imagen how much i love her and that my love for her is pure and sincere and even though she's with someone already she will always be in my heart and my heart will always belong to her and that she's the key to my heart and not only that but my shining star that guides me and lights my way when i can't see at night.So a little advice to those who are in love but are afraid tell that person the truth tell them before its to late and its better to tell the truth than not to because you may not know maybe they love you too as much as u do but what matters is that you gave it your shot.Like my biggest mistake that i made is not tell that beautiful and wonderful person the truth that i love her and now im paying the consequences of my silence love for her.So to that person im very sorry i didnt tell you,i should of told you and not care if you were to reject me but at least i would've been happy that i told you and maybe who knows it could of turn different and could of been together and given you my love but i now it can't be now that u have a bf and that maybe loves him alot but i want you to know and everyone in the world that i will always carry you in my heart and that i love you,YEAH I LOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEEE K.A.R. I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH WITH ALL MY HEART THAT GOD GAVE ME!!!I wish the best in life and with your bf and maybe see you in the high school reunion when the class of 08 has one.So goodbye my love and wish the only best and hope to see you one day when maybe you are married and have your family and your dream husband and see you as a friend and nothing else.BYE!!!!

[RomanceClass comment: Why not tell her that you love her and if she ever leaves her bf that you will be waiting]


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