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During my Junior year in high school one of my guy friends and I got pretty close. He has a girlfriend, but I'm constantly telling him he could do better, becaus ehe can. He started to tell me all his secrets about cheating on his girlfriend and just using her for his homework and things like that. I thought it was hilarious because his girlfriend is so uptight and she belives shes gods gift to all men.

My friend and I began calling eachother to "study". It was wonderful. I've always been shy, but with him I never am. He brings out the best in me. One day, just being silly, I worte him a cute little poem. He loved it, so he wrote me one in return, but it wasn't so silly. Then he wrote me another and it made me cry because it involved the feelings he had about him moving away this summer. We became so totally connected to eachother while in our classes, that was the only time we had without his girlfriend.

About a month or two later, he sent me a message on myspace telling me how much he loved me and wanted to be with me. I was so happy. He is everything I've ever wanted. He has so many goals and ambitions, and the deepest, most beautiful, blue eyes in the world. HE truly means EVERYTHING to me. Well, his girl hacked into his myspace and found the message he sent to me, and deleted his myspace. That was about a month ago. Since then thinmgs have changed with us. I don't know if it's beacuse he was playing with my heart or if it's because he's coming so close to moving, but we don't talk or touch like we used to and it breaks my heart. I know we could have a wonderful life together, he was made for me!


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