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Leaving for ever

i am from a very well off family and have never thought of marriage or love, even though i am 16. once i went on holiday with my family, and there is a guy my cousin knows. my family over all are very liberal but when it comes to marriage or some other serious issue they prefer to keep with the same social class, well my cousin knows this guy, lets just call him "H". well H isnt from a rich family, nor does he have social statues, he droped out of school at 15 and has been driving an ambulance ever since. yeah!!!! he is an ambulance driver, well it has become apparent that he rea likes me .well i dont know, cause im sort of heart broken cause he said to me "ur like my little sister" and i never call him by his first name. what do i do. i feel sorry for him so i couldnt break it to him cause he might think its just cause he is poor. it isnt, i love him as a brother,not a boyfreind. so one sleepness night, i called him and told him that i just got engaged, and that he is envited. and that i want him to be the one who gives me away to the groom. stupid. i know. but then i did something else, i told him that the guy i am marrying is very educated and comes fom england and he is rich and good looking, i dont know why i said that,
he sounded hurt and said congratulations and that he cant give me away cause he is leaving the country for ever!!!!


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