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Take a thief to the grave

I saw him when I was 9, at a party as he was leaving; I was stunned by his beauty, perfection in every inch of skin. I have thought about him a few times over the years,
But this year I am 16. Think about him every second, even when I sleep, I dream of him.
I don’t know his name, I was a mere child then, but I still dreamed about his face, perfect ivory, his hair- the softest gold and hazel. His eyes. So blue and deep, you could drown in them. Now I am a women, I have realised what love means and what it means to wait.
Just a couple of months ago, I thought when you loved someone it meant you respected and cherished your loved one. But know I know the true meaning, it means you would wait an eternity just for him, even if it means refusing heaven its self for him.
It means that you would give all your life’s work and meaning, just for one minute in his company as lovers. I haven’t seen him since. I hear stories here and there of a similar description of him – bad ones unfortunately. People say that he is a thief, but a very rich thief. I don’t even know his name, so his name for me is “beauty”. And I will wait until the day I die for him. Unless I hear that he has married or died, I will always wait, but even if I must marry and our paths have not met, I will hold him in my heart and take him with me to the grave.


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