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First kiss

Sooooo it was me and my girlfriend with a couple of friends at a fair, and my girlfriend and I just happened to make 8 months that friday, and we haven't had our first kiss yet. Lol I know its kinda wierd ryte. Well that night starts to wind down and I promised her I would go on the ferise wheel with her. So I did, I kept telling myself to kiss her but I didn't. Well after we got off it was time to go home so we all walked back to our cars. We said our goodbyes and then left. While we were driving away it was bugging me that i didnt kiss her and i really did want to. So while we were driving away i was riding in the car with my brother, and she was riding in the car with her friend, and they were following us to the gas station to get gas, and she was 2 cars behind us and I told my brother to stop at the next stop sign and he did. After he stopped I got out the car ran back to the car she was riding in, she rolled down the window and I popped my head in aand kissed her and it felt sooo good I cant even begin to desribe the way it felt. Then I ran back to my friends car an then at the next stop sign I jumped out an ran to my brothers car.


Baby I love you with all my heart and more I am soooo glad I met you I dont know what I would ever do with you.


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