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Brighten my day

summer adter 7th grade i met this boy...we went out...broke up... had other boyfriends and girlfriends... but i always loved him. I never stopped thinking about him. We never actually stopped talking. We would go out off and on but never anything serious. We were shy around eachother and never kissed. The summer before freshman year i still loved him and we started going out again... this time it lasted... we spent 3 months of akwardness and not talking much to eachother and not kissing. I didnt care. He is so amazing. One night we hung out just the two of us for the first time... thats when everything changed. It was totally different. I still loved him and he swore that he loved me. We talked. He kissed me. It was probably the most akward kiss ever but thats what made it so special. Now we have no problem with any of that and nothing is at all akward. We are ourselves around eachother all the time and sware to eachother that we'll be together forever. Its been a little over a year and its been that happiest year of my life. He can always brighten my day and i love him for that. The way he holds me and the way he looks at me lets me know that he really does love me and isnt just saying that. And i love him back.


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