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First kiss and best kissv

First kiss and best kiss

ok so my girlfriend and i have been going steady for almost half the schoolyear.
every year at the 4th of july, our town has a fourth of july celebration at the huge 100 acre town park. my girlfriend is my best friend and i wa walking through the grass with her holding hands. we hung out the entire time, but little did she know my band was performing when the fireworks went up. i told her to go with her family and id call her telling her where i am. i got my guitar and started to practice singing, as im the lead singer. when the man who hired us told us to play, i called m girlfriend and said "hey Liv, follow the music." and hung up. the moment i saw her pretty face walk into the waiting crowd, the fireworks went up, and i rang out "ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR" and we started performing a song i wrote just for her. she looked at me with the most beautiful smile ever, and i never wanted to be with her more, she looked so pretty at night with her blue eyes. during the guitar solo, i told the base guitarist t take over singing for me, i set my guitar down, jumped off the stage and hugged her so tight. i kissed her cheeck and she whispered, "i love you" i looked into her blue eyes, and kissed her. it sounds like something taken out of a movie, but it felt so real. thats how i got my first kiss at 13


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