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Dear fiance

It started when we were young, about 7. Childhood friends, and our relationship grew with our age. We got closer and closer until the point where we would tell each other anything. When we were 11, I started falling for him. But, to make sure its was a developing crush, I kissed him on the the cheek in the snow. Whenver I was sad, I looked for his picture and would talk to it. Kind of funny to think about but, I'd look at it in my teen years and wish it was actuallt him. In our teen years, we dated but then broke up when he heard a horrible rumor. It terrible misunderstanding. We were 14 when we dated. And the day we got back together, something horrible happened. No body could see my sadness, no one, they all believed my lies but he.. he looked into my eyes and read me like a book. He hugged me and told me everything was going to be alright. We drew farther apart on my 16th b-day. We went our different ways.
Years later, We were distant, but I couldn't forget his small, that class clown had stolen my heart. So when we came back from college, we got together to see a movie and.. We shared our first real kiss together. -laughs- It's silly to think about it now, but we were to embaressed to do it in our teen years.
Now, at the age of 26, we're madly in love and are planing on getting married this summer..
I love you my dear fiance, we'll be so happy together.


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