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Anu was the modern lady but one day she went to her village.She was excited about it.She met all her friends.She went to her best friend radha's house.When they were talking radha's brother Ravi came in.He was shocked by anu's beauty.That night he did not sleep remembering her.Anu's aunt told her to wear sarees because it is a village.Anu went to radha's house to learn about wearing a saree.But only ravi was in the house,he laughed at her and told her that he would help her.He told her to remove her skirt and wear the blouse and wear the garment.He turned his face away when she did this.Now he wore her saree and kissed her waist.She was embarassed and then he told her 'i love you'. She did not understand what to do.Ravi pulled her close to him and kissed her throat then her face.Anu was lost in her world and did not oppose.He removed the threads of her blouse and kissed her back.He removed her saree and she was only left in her bra and underwear.he kissed her lips and their tongues touched and now he bit her lips again and again.He kissed her nude body all over and their lips kept on kissing,licking and biting the whole night and only in the morning did anu knew what she had lost


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