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A happy story still unfinished

I used to be a very rational, business-minded kind of guy. I never believed in fate until I met her. I was 24, a young businessman from Chicago on vacation on a small, exclusive and incredibly beautiful island in the south caribbean. She was a woman 10 years my senior and a very successful hairstylist from New York City. Upon first glance, she didn't appear a day over 25, but as the night wore on, we were both kids smitten with each other. As fate would have it, I met her on the very last night I was there, Christmas Eve. We first saw each other across the bar. If she would have never asked me to come over, I probably would have just settled my tab, gone to the casino, and turned in for my early morning flight. But she did, and together we went to the casino, lost my money, but both her and I knew that something felt just so right.
So we went down to the beach with each other to catch the brilliant full moon and stars, only to find it was all hidden behind clouds. She wished all the clouds away for us, and low and behold, within minutes it was just me and her, our faces lit by the moonlight. We had some of the most amazing conversation and couldn't be happier together. It got later and we left the beach to return to my villa. We watched TV, she rested in my arms. As if a guiding hand had planned it, we went to kiss at the exact same time. Her smell, the touch of her lips, her in my arms, it was all as perfect as could be. Then the phone rang. I knew instantly what I did not want to realize, it was my 4:30 AM wake up call. Gathering ourselves together, pulling out of the incredible bliss into which we had sunk, I had to take her back up the hill to her room.
We got into the golf cart that was my peronal coach around the mountainside villa. We headed up the hill, away from the waterfront and towards her place we went. She held onto my arm, and I knew that as happy as we were, I would have to leave her very soon. We went into her place and instantly found ourselves onher balcony as the light from the moon and stars lit up her living room. From her hilltop villa overlooking the serene bay below, I put my arms around her, and together we got lost in space. We laid down on the lounge chair, and underneath the stars fell into each other once again. We kissed and held each other, constantly cursing fate for giving us so little time together. As she laid in my arms, she asked if we would see each other again. At that moment, with her hand in mine, I knew that this was too perfect to let come and go as a fleeting vacation romance. I pulled away from her soft kiss and promised I would see her again. I refuse to break that promise. But she still plead for me to stay. Considering the sheer perfection of our night together, the Gods of fate had to end it with the most memorable scene in the history of love. Laying on the balcony with her in my arms, we softly kissed as the sun began to show itself over the horizon. The first kiss of sunlight danced off the water and lit our christmas morning with a colorful brilliance. The pink and orange of the rising sun fought against the disappearing darkness, and I and my beautiful soulmate laid silent, our hearts beating together. Those were our last moments together and I left knowing that those moments would be the most amazing of my life. From that moment on, from our last kiss on her doorstep, I knew that Fate led me to her, Fate ensured this to be a magical night.
So here I am. Back in Chicago, and I am suffering from the freezing cold while I know my heart is still in the caribbean. We have exchanged emails, and she will be back to New York within a few days. But halfway across the country, I sit and wonder what we could be. But not knowing, and not caring, I am willing to risk it all to find out. Now I find myself a hopeless romantic, with a beautiful woman as my weakness. A week ago I was a different man. Now, my heart is my my compass, and where it leads I will follow. Fate had us meet. He had us fall in love with only hours to spend together. And only he, only Fate, knows why. So at all costs, I will heed the call. I will drop everything and get on that plane. I have to go see about a girl.


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