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Maybe not the best

I met him through a friend of my colleague. He lives on the east coast and I live on the west coast. We first started out as friends. He would call me everyday and just talk for hours. He would even say that he's thankful of having met me or else he would be living a boring life because he doesn't have much to do after work. So I kinda gave color to his life that time.

I was happy with the thought that someone wanted me in his life which is why I fell for him. He also fell for me. So we arranged to meet for the first time. He came here and we met. When he was here I made sure that it would be a memorable visit for him. So I took him places and spent quality time together. We couldn't be any happier during those times. He came back home and our bond was stronger than ever.

It was Christmas day. It was already afternoon and still he hasn't called me. I tried calling him so many times but I just couldn't reach him. When I finally got to talk to him I was crying already because how could have he forgotten about me in this supposedly most joyous day of the year? I guess it kinda woke him up when I said those things to him. Right then and there he broke up with me. On Christmas Day. You could just imagine how I felt when he said it to me. He said he doesn't love me anymore. So he wants to break up with me. From then on I cried everyday. Just the mere thought of him make my eyes start to well up. I was crushed.

Even though we already broke up and he said that he doesn't love me anymore, I was still in a state of denial that it really is over for us. So I went to see him. Twice in fact. That's how foolish I was. To still go to him even though I know that it's over between the two of us. I was thinking deep inside that maybe if we see each other it would be like the old days. But I was wrong.

I should have seen the signs that it was really over for us. The way he looks at me wasn't the same anymore. The way he used to smile at me wasn't like before. I came home, broken hearted still. Now he doesn't even call me anymore. I don't know what happened or if I've done anything wrong. He said there's nothing wrong with me, that it's him. I just couldn't understand. I've done EVERYTHING for him. I would even give up my life for him. But in the end all my efforts were in vain.

Now I'm beginning to see the light. I might have been hurt, I may have been fooled. But I know that someday I will definitely meet a man who will make me want to love again. I was hurt, yes. But it doesn't mean it's the end of the world for me. I will go on because that chapter of my life with him is finished. It was a good one, maybe not the best. I just hope the next one would be the last. If not, at least better.


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