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I can't breathe
I can't eat
I can't sleep but if I do I wake up with you always on my mind
My stomach flips
I feel sick
I feel like a little girl
This is crazy!
I am in love with you
I love you J
I can't tell you yet. I'm scared to.
3 more weeks and I'm free
I've been patient like you said to be but it's wearing thin
I know it will be so worth it in the end after all this waiting
You have made me fall for you
I'll only get up if I have to
I think you are my soulmate
I barely even know you
Our one night together was the best night of my life
We didn't need to talk at all
The actions said everything
You held me like you loved me
You were laying behind me with your arms around me and clasping both my hands and legs intertwined like you were trying to get inside of me not knowing you are already in my heart
You don't hold just anyone like that
I could feel it
I know I could and I am dying to know if I am right
I can't wait to be in your arms again
It will be even better the next time and I'm nervous for that moment every day
I can't wait
3 weeks and it's fair game like you said
And I will love you even more then
I already love you more
I am so in love with you


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