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Let me be your prince

Let me be your prince...

Some people go through life wondering... always wondering...
What if?
How so?

But I know... I know, without a shadow of a doubt... I know.
I know how you make me feel.
How a child opens a new toy. The joy it brings them.
You bring me joy, but I'm so good at hiding it.

You've been my friend.
You've been my heroine.
You've been my lover.
You've been... my everything.

I know you've been hurt, I have too.
I know you've cried, I have too.
I know you've been tired, I have too.

...but I will never hurt you.
...but I will never make you cry.
...but I will never grow tired of you.
Never... Never ever.

I owe you everything.
And you... you owe me nothing.

That song we like... it's true.
We are like crystal... we do break easy.

Every girl has to kiss a frog.
...before she finds her prince.

Let me be your prince.
Let me prove to you that I can do it.
I wont run away anymore. I've finally grown up.
Grant me the chance to show you.
Let me... be your prince.

Do you remember that song I sang for you?
I know you hate my music... but do you remember?
I meant it...

I can't wait to see you again...
I count the days until I open the door...
...and you'll be standing there.
Arms open... looking into your eyes...
I'll die a happy man... just for meeting you.

I told you... your prince is out there somewhere...
I know he is...

He wears a faded denim jacket...
He has a tattoo on his arm...
He smiles when he hears your name...
He doesn't care if he always loses at scrabble...
...and he'll always wait for you.

Just... don't make him wait too long...


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