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There and back again

his name is cory, it all started out when we first dated and he broke up with me for reasons unknowned, he told me he still liked me but he couldnt go out with me it took so long for him to tell me and when i did i was less then enthusiastic at what he said.. his exact words were "u look right threw me, when u look in my eyes i feal like u kno exactly what im doing, exactly what im thinking and u cant, cuz im a monster" i didnt know what to do... he went out with another girl and i dated other guys as well.. it wasnt the same, we stil talked a lot about personal stuff and one night me and some friends were hanging out which included him and his gf, his girlfriend was acting like a jerk to him and totally pushing him away he got really hurt and his gf and her friends just laughed at him, so he went into another room... i went into check the time and saw him staring outside, we started to talk and we talked about us and what happened and why we broke up his gf got really ticked off tho, they faught over it for awhile but figured things out... and once again i was left there... alone... about a week later we started talking, alot, he even started calling me, one day he invited me over to watch movies... i felt bad considering he had a gf but i figured since we were just friends it would be fine, ... it wasnt fine, we kissed and ended up making out... later that day he broke up with his gf... i felt horrible everyone got mad at me cuz they found out what happened... me and cory got closer and closer cuz everyone was mad at us and he took my video camera and i didnt kno he did and he gave it back to me and while i was on vacation i was looking threw old videos and i came across one i had neveer seen, i listened to it, it was cory talking it said "we've been threw a lot, i kno we are pretty much dating now but i want to make things officail and ask u out, u can call me later if u want to tell me ur answer.. i called him and said yes, we got even closer we spent everyday together till one day a friend called and said "hes cheating on u" i asked cory and he said it wasnt true at all, i believed him so much but then he started hanging out with other girls alot, one day me and some friends were hangin out and they all told me to break up with him i kept saying no hes not cheeting on me and then i turned around and saw him walking with 2 other girls linked to his arms, it hurt.. but i didnt consider it cheating.. the day after that he called me to tell me it was over... i was so hurt, i couldnt cry i coudlt do anything.. couldnt breath! 2 weeks later my friends came to my door and this is what they said "we set u guys up, we knew cory had control over u and u were picking him over us, we wanted u back, we lied about him cheeting on u and when u didnt believe us we made it look like u didnt believe him, he broke up with u cuz he thinks u dont trust him, we are sorry..." i couldnt believe it, i didnt talk to them at all i was so mad i totally shut down i wouldnt talk to anyone i wouldnt check my emails or anything i was mad at everyone even cory for believing there stupid plan, one day i had to go over to cory (by force) cuz i left my jacket there awhile ago... he answered the door, i didnt think he would cuz he was rarely home... there was a moment of shock when we looked in eachothers eyes then i said "i need my jacket" he told me to come in and he handed me my jacket... then he started jokign around with me and making jokes i tried not to laugh but it was hard i finally just let go and started laughing, then we were making fun of a tv show cuz this guy was covering a girls mouth so she couldnt breath.. he did that to me (just playin around) then we stopped.. i looked in his eyes... he looked in mine... and... we kissed


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