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Its hard to love someone so impossible to be.. He is a family man, and also i have my husband before.. know what im talking about? i got married so early at the age of 18 and now my husband has gone..he passed away last year 2004.
but when he still alive..i worked in one of the mall.and then i met the guy who i love so much..he is ryan..but unfortunately he had a family and i have too.. he had 2 children, but me and my husband we have no child. and at that moment in our life,we had so many problems and trials maybe because we're both young and dont understand the real meaning of married life.
one time me and ryan went out after our work with one of our colleagues.. we go to a bar and we enjoyed the night.. and so it goes.. then something happened that we dont intend to do.. we thought were just there to enjoy and know more about eachother....... after that we in ourselves into a relationship... and then we didn't notice that we love eachother so much.. at that time we're not just lovers but still we have a good relationship as friends.... He gave everthing that will makes me happy..not a thing but more deep in. Then we live together in Manila coz we applied in abroad together.. then our relationship became more deeper than before, more closer to eachother.. and i forget all the problems we had of my husband,.. i dont mind what other can say about us the more important to me we love eachother and we help to have our dreams.. but other says "walang sikreto ang di nabubunyag!" my husband had discovered that i have a relationship with him then i need to choose between them.. i love ryan so much but still even me and my behalf dont have a good relationship still he is my husband...then i chose my husband over ryan..... and then my husband forgive me to what i have done to him.. then we fix everything but i can forget ryan and the times we shared together.. it made me sad even my husband became sweet and a good man to me...
a tragedy came to me.. my husband died... and the only thing i said to myself.. "we had the best time in this fewdays but then now hes gone" for me when my husband came back to me and gave everything what i want.. and forgive me its all premonitions......
now i live here with my mom again.. and need to forget eveything...... but not hte love we had of my husband
go back to ryan.. we're still friends.. in fact he visits me in our house..and he is close to my family. but still i lo0ve him very much.. and he also forgive me for what ihave done to him that i lived him alone in manila.. still he is there for me.. and still im here for him whatever comes.. still i love him more than anything else.....


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