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i was bored with my normal life so i got online and began to chat on zwinky. i met a couple guys there and told them fake names and ages and where i lived. i wasnt expecting to get anything out of it. as i talked to them more and more adding them to my messanger account. i fell in love with each one because of different reasons. they all fell in love with me. none of them lived near where i did. i began to worry about hurting them. i new that we could never be together. the age would i explain that i lied about everything when they told the truth the whole time about every aspect of their life. and i sat there pretending to be someone else. i was living another life. i feel horrible. i didnt know what to do. i decided to just break it off. i couldnt tell them the truth. i didnt get on my messanger for months and didnt reply to any of their emails. a couple gave up but some didnt. it pained me to know that i hurt these guys so much. i am a horrible person. it was the worst decsion of my life. sometimes i wish i never exsisted because of the horrible thing i have done to these sweet kind loving truthful guys. i broke their hearts....and mine. i want to be with each and everyone of them. i love them all. it breaks my heart to know that i hurt them and i can never be with any of them. i love them with all my heart. they have a place in my heart always. i will never love anyone else ever again.


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