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My crush told me he liked me. I was ecstatic. Later, he asked me to be his girlfriend. Next think I know he's all I can think about. I am obsessed.

Later, I was on IM when he signed on. We had only been going out for a day or 2 so far. My away message said "Talk to me babe. <3" He IMed me and said:
HIM: i'm talking to you babe
ME: and I'm loving every second of it.
We got into a conversation, all the normal stuff, wats up?, and all that, and just talked. [yes, flirting both ways]
Later I had to go. This is how it went:
HIM: kk byeeee
ME: byeeee <3333
HIM: <3333 luv ya
ME: luv ya 2
I sign off.

Later, when I sign back on, an IM pops up, from him, and it reads,
"im not talking to you babe, and im missing every second of it."


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