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Lonely and furious

I know this girl for years and asked her to be one of her man since I met her, but she is very busy and she ignore... I stayed in pain for six years without knowing who am I without her sine she left to overseas. After the day she left I try to make myself happy, finding another to stop what I've been trought. This time I wasn't happy so much not like I imagine she's beside me.

When the day she's back, she opolgise about what she has done to me for the last few years. I try to ignore her but my feeling still fresh for her. I accept her apology and welcome her to be one of mine, so my love for the one she make me happy is very low.

So, when I am with her she tell me again that she's busy again.... I dont know what is this all about. So she want to be just friend.

Now I try to wash her away from my mind and try not to call her and see her again because she made me feel like and lonely and furious....


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