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well I liked him 4 ages and everytime he touched me I could feel it the rest of the day cos it was sooo special to me. One day I over heard him telling his mates that he was gonna ask me out so I waited all day for it.
It never came and I lost hope.....he was never going to ask me out and I was never going to be with the man I loved.
Valentines day arrived and I awoke that morning with the thought in my head that he would giv me a flower... All day I waited but nothing came. I was in such pain! In agony!! I couldn't stand how heart broken I felt.

At lunch, however, the ladies at the office called over the microphone that there was something waiting for me at the office. So I went up there rather curious as to what it was and then the office lady pulled out from behind the counter the biggest bouquet of roses I had ever seen!! There was a little card attatched saying "meet me out the front after school". I was so happy!

So after school I rushed out the front and saw my man waiting for me. I nervously walked over to him. He took my hands in his.....Got down on one knee....opened a little box with a little plastic ring in it.... and asked me to go out with him! It was the most romantic thing ever! It was just as if he were proposing! I naturally said yes and kissed him sooooo passionately and then he pulled out his drink bottle that had champagne in it and we celebrated.!.!


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