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About two weeks ago I went to my friends wedding. I was so bored, until this guy walked in. He was gorgous and amazing. I couldnt have asked for anything better than him. He was sitting a few rows in front of me and would glance back at me every once in a while. After the wedding was over there was an after party. I eventually went to the party to watch fire works and to see if he was there. I then saw him at the party but he just walked right past me like he didnt even see me. I left the party that night thinking that I would never see him again. But I knew I had connections into finding out all about him. I could ask the bride. A week later I got the brides number and texted her asking her about him. It turned out to be her nephew. She gave me his number and soon me and her nephew started texting. After a few days, the bride, her nephew and I met at the park because my parents and well my whole family were furious that I was even speaking to him. They kept telling me that he would get me into drugs and that his family is very bad. I didnt believe them because from what I heard he was very sweet and kind...A good person. We hung out at the local fair and also at the local park but we had to hide from my mom sometimes while we were there. We talked about everything and swung on the swings together. A few hours later, his mom showed up and was mad at the bride because she supposedly didnt tell her that she was taking her son to see some girl at the park. But the truth is that the bride did tell her and she had said "ok thats fine". Although, they were still furious at eachother, for they were sisters. The nephew left with his aunt; the bride. We texted a lot after that and time after time my family would tell me he wasnt right for me and that I was making the mistake of my life. I still didnt believe them because I knew who he was and knew that he did not do drugs because his friend had died from it in the past. I also learned that just because he lives in a bad town doesnt mean that he is like everyone else that he hangs out with or who is in his family. He is different from all of them. We soon fell in love and I didnt know how it happened but we had so much in common and we knew we were right for eachother even though everyone else was against us and they never knew how much this was breaking us inside and out. If only they would listen to us and actually believe what we were trying to tell them. One night after I got back from helping my family at the fair, my grandpa was telling me about how he would get me into jail and get me hooked on drugs for life. I still didnt believe them, for I was the only one who actually knew who he truely was. I soon arived at home and ran upstairs and cried my eyes out because of all this madness and pain that was going through me because of this situation. When I was done crying, I went down stairs and my mom took away my phone saying that I couldnt talk to him anymore. I started to break down and cry and trying to make her understand about what happened. For my little sister had told my mom that he was sending me bad pictures on my phone which werent true. The truth was that someone had texted my phone saying bad things and I didnt even know who it was. But of course my mom will listen to an eight year old and not her older daughter. She wouldnt even let me take the time to explain. I spent the night at my friends house that night and looked up his grandma and grandpa's phone number in the phone book, I knew they would let me talk to him because I have known them for years. They were always like my second family. His grandma told me that she would tell him to call my friend's house phone in two days because thats when she would see him next. This story is not over and I know that we will still be fighting for our forbidden love forever. This is a battle that we need and that we will win. So, this is my quote now to my family and everyone that is against our love: " I love this guy, dont take this away...for in the furture you all shall pay!" Amd I stay true to my word.


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