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I meet my guy at a drama club at school at first I thought that he was totally weird and didn't think mucha about him. But then I started to see him around school alot then one night everything I didn't know came out the feeling I didn't know that I had came out. It was a dance and we danced the last song it was sooo romantic we knew people were watchin us but we didn't care. Then it was our first date, we started to hold hands and become closer and closer. We were sitting on a bench and his head is on my shoulder. I kiss his check and he kisses me square on the lips. He made it so special he made me feel like I was the only one in the world. Before we had seen two people who we both don't like at school they saw us together but we didn't care. So it became a kind of ritual we would go to the mall, I can remember almost as if it were yesterday the first time we made out. Him being always the gentleman asked me if we could do a tonuge or a french kiss as its more commonly called. It was soo delicious taking his hand I lead him over to a darkened corner every time we go to the mall we have to go there. He's like my knight in shining armor, he knows I hate bugs and when I saw one he held me and switched sides so I wouldn't be bothered it. People find him nerdy and weird but I think he's like an angel from heaven I can't beleive that a guy like him actually loves me:)


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