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Is it all worth it?

ive gotten with a couple of guys before...but they were just a one time thing... i lost my first kiss when i was so drunk to a jerk who ended up to be a total player. that hurt a lot. then the next guy i got with turned out to be a drop out and a druggy. haha for some reason i always tend to end up with the wrong guy. then this one time when this friend of mine from school told me he liked me i shied away and didnt know what to do and then i just ended up screwing the whole thing. he didnt want to talk to me anymore after that... its just so messed up for me. i was scared once but not anymore but the problem is i just end up with the wrong guy. all the guys i tend to like mostly end up just wanting sex or turn out to be someone i shouldnt really associated with. ive never really been in a relationship before i had my chances for a real one many times before but that was when i was still too young and scared. Now i just cant really find the right guy... ive given up on all that. then i met this one guy last weekend. he was funny very easy to talk to and pretty hot too. he didnt try to hit on me or anything just having fun talking. when i was on my way to the hotel i was staying at he came with me in the cab just to see i get there safely. the last thing i remembered before he said good bye to me was that not all guys are bad and not all of them are players either. some how he gave me hope and made me thinking that i might just have a chance on finding that right guy for me... but im still not sure. is love worth the pain that might come after finding it. there might be times when its just not the right one and people cry and shout because they got hurt. i dont want that but is it all worth it to just find happiness?


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