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Love never faded

All I remember was that I met him one year in 8th grade during science. He was new to the school, but everyone loved his sense of humor. He passed me a note with his number and screen name on it. That night, I IMed him and he said,"To tell you the truth, you are one of the cutest girls in our science class." I thought he was a total dork and I tried to keep a distance from him.

We had to work in groups and I was forced to be paired up with him on an assignment. He made me laugh real easily and we would talk every once and a while here and there. Over the months, we became best friends, and it took me until the end of the school year to realize how amazing he was. He asked me out the night we went to a carnival together and we were on a ferris wheel.

He was my first kiss, and the first guy I ever felt a deep connection with at such a young age. We broke up for a couple months but decided our lives wouldn't be the same without eachother and got back together again. Now I'm in highschool, we have been together for a long time and our love for eachother has never faded.


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