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Perfect love story

The perfect love story!!!

I was in my senoir year and i was in love and going out with the perfect guy. I was a cheerleader and he was the quarter back.

We were at his house on his bed and no one was home. He took of his shirt and touched my thigh and moved up his hand to my stomache. He asked if he was moving to fast and i told him no. I was kinda i shock.
Then i pulled off my shirt so he wouldnt feel wierd about this and so we could keep moving on, but i turned around on my side (away from him).
The next thing i new he undid my bra and i turned back toward him.
He got up out of bed grabed somthing from a table and went into the bathroom. while he was gone i got undressed. He got back and he was wearing a condom and i looked at him with a wild look thinking he new we were going to have sex, but i didn't think it would go that far but i didn't no wat else to expect so i watched him get into bed and he turned toward me and started making his move and i let him.

A little while later i told him to stop and he did but then we started making out. He gave me a hickey. Then i told him i had to go and that i really love him.


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