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Holy Ghost

it was about my six grade year i had just started to settle into my new neiborhood when i met this girl she was new to the school and so i welcomed her in and we became good friends some weekes later we hung out at my house we went to the schol to watch some boys play basketball then there was this carmel skined hazeled eyed boy that caught her eye she wanted to talk to him but she was scared so i went up to him and informed him that my friend had a crush on hm he then told me he wasent interested in her he was interested in me so i thought man how to explain this to her without hurting her so i just told her that he had a girl 2yrs past then i ran into the boy again come to find out he lived around the corner from me so we started to hang out more and play basketball etc together then oneday i found out he and my brother were good friends and so yrs went by then finaly we decided to hit it off he aked me out i said yes we were togetether for a lil bit then we broke up because i felt it was awcword to be dating a close friend then he tryed to move on to other relationships and then it occured to me that seeing him with other people hurt me so i talked to him about it and he felt the same way he just didnt know how i felt about the whole thing so then we got together again and now are perfectly fine we are so in love with each other its like when our eyes meet our hearts smile and when we kiss its like fireworks so when were together its so peacful and its like nothing else matters so we continuousley stay by eachothers side and atch movies and go places like the beach but one day when we decided to watch a movie at my house we begain t kiss sexually then ook into each others eyes and then he kissed me on my neck then the temprature was rising but we knew we had to stop cause both of us are virgins and neither one of us were ready so we thought but as the night went on we became closer and closer to makin love then suddenly the holy ghost took control of me and said what are u doing u are a child of god and thats not good to let th edevil tempt u into thinking about phornication im to young and whats the purpose of my promise ring if im not going to were it with honor.


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