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This is forever

I met my current boyfriend about a year ago. We were in a lot of classes together at school and he was always "The confident one" whereas I, was more shy. After some time and with age I became more confident. I had always kind of had a little thing for him but I knew in my heart of hearts I would never actually get him. He was way out of my league. Well after some time I just casually starting talking to him on MSN a bit, and even over the computer the chemistry was huge. I was nervous with him a LOT at school though, so I generally avoided speaking to him. But just the sight of him made my heart leap. After about 6 months of MSN and heavy online flirting we finally got down to 'the' conversation, almost by accident. We decided to give things a go and I knew I was in love with him already. Its now been 8 months and I'm still so happy with him it hurts. My heart still leaps when I see him, and I still get butterflies when he kisses me. He holds me when I need to be held, makes me smile when I'm feeling down, helps me and encourages me throughout everything life throws at me. I squeeze his hand and he squeezes it back. He is the most important person in my life and I know he will be for the rest of my life. I completely and totally give my heat to him and I know he'll look after it. He's been away now for a while and I miss him so much. I need him and I love him more with each passing day. I know this is forever. Thank you.


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