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Friends become lovers

We were great friends together when we started secondary college and i have always seen him as a true friend to me. In year 8 he suddenly stopped talking to me which i felt really lonely and depressed and i had no one to help me except he was the only friend i had in my class, i tried to talk to him but he wouldn't answer me back, so i told myself to stop talking to him as well. In year 10 his friends always used to joke around with me by telling me that your old friend loves you, i used to get shocked when i heard this, but i couldn't believe them at all. At the end of year 10 i was on msn chatting to my friends, suddenly there was this big conversation where you all people chat together, everyone left and it was only me and him left to go, he said to me bye i didn't answer back, he said bye (name). i said bye. after that he added me and we started talking and telling me how much he loved me and how much he really wanted to talk to me, but something always used to stop him to talk to me and he really wanted to tell me this since i was his friend but he was afraid of my creation towards him. Now we are going out and its been 1 year together and I'm really proud to be his girl. isn't that amazing? when friends become LOVERS!


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