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The love we shared

well this isnt your typical love story.but my friend was trying to hook me up with her friend that i didnt like to much. he wasnt my type and i wasnt his but somehow he began to like me. i thought he was immature and stupid but i didnt want to come out and say that to him cause that would be mean. so we started to hang out and talk on the phone more and i really got to know this other side of him. the sweet fun side of him. so i decided to give it a try. we went out for about two years on and off. we fell in love and changed each others ways. he was a player type boy and i was a player type girl.but i was so in love i didnt care about anyone else and i know that sounds weird but the bad things in my life didnt matter nomore cause i had him. well eventually we broke up and i still love him and i know he still cares for me by the way he looks at me. we both had to try to move on cause things between us just didnt work out. other people got in the way of our relationship. but i still care and i think he does to . i think about him all the time and i dont think ill ever forget him. i miss him so much. this is still a love story even though it doest have a happy ending. you need to look beyond the ending and look at the love we shared.


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