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So there was this boy... and me and him were together for just about 2 years! We were crazy in love but my parents HATED HIM WITH A PASSION =[ We first met in the 7th grade at a school event called chat n chew from that moment on we talked on the phone EVERYDAY! and then he started getting closer to me and my family so one day he came over and i introduced him to my mom and she LOVED HIM... they got along great and i loved him so much i gave him my most prized possesion... my VIRGINITY! Then my dad came along and he hated him so he tried to keep me away from him as much as possible until one day i made the biggest mistake of my life =[ We got into a big argument and i decided to go 2 Florida... i only realized i cant live without him wen i actually got down there... Were gonna be together SOME DAY because were working on it... but in the mean while we just have to hang in there and be faithful to eachother while he's in PENNSYLVANIA and im in FLORIDA =[ I havent seen him ever since i left but we talk every day and everyday he reminds me how much he loves me =]


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