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Love at first sight

It was about 2 months ago when i went to my best friend's house. She had her cousin's down who comes 2 times a year. Well it was my first time meeting them. There was 2 boys and 1 girl, well one of the boys i met was 14 years old and he was cute!! Well i talked to him for a while and we soon got to know each other. Later on that week i got a text message from him and it said "hey, umm i like you alot..and i was wondering if you wanted to go out with me?". Well i said "yes", i really wasnt interested in him but i gave it a chance. Well the next day i went back to my friends house and i saw him..we hugged and so on. Well i got on the trapoline by myself and started jumping well he jumped on and i didnt know and snuck up behind me and wrapped me in his arms. It was so sweet. =D well that week he had to go back where he lived and it was out of state and i was so depressed..i couldnt stop thinking of was really hard. We would text all day and would never stop till one of us fell asleep. Well about 2 weeks later he called me and told me he was moving where i lived in about a week!! I was so happy that i started to cry- which i have never done in my whole life till then. When the day came i was so excited i couldnt sleep at all that night. Well when i saw him i ran up to him and hugged him for about 5 minuets..weeks went on and i fell in love with him...we are still love and so happy =D
ohh and he's the one that made me believe in love at first sight =D

P.S. after we got together he told me that my friend has told him alot about me and that i was perfect for him..=D i love him <3


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