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Married and having kids -- NOT!

Well, this is pretty corny, but true. I could not believe it happened. We were walking on the beach and putting our feet in the water and stuff. We were just talking about relationships we had with other people and why they ended and what happened. He was cheated on a lot and I just never had any luck with guys. One of them moved to Texas! But anyways, the other guys just became jerks after we were officially dating. So, as we were walking, I told him I don't usually hook up with guys I don't date. Then he was all what if I kissed you right now. Then I leaned in softly and tripped! It was so embarrassing! But thankfully, he caught me and it was literally like a movie. We both leaned in for the kiss. Afterwards, he told me he really liked me and officially started dating. That was when I was 16 years old. Now it has been four years since we have been official and I can honestly say that I love him. <<< Does not necessarily mean I am IN love with him. I just love him as the person he truly is. He told me he was in love with me, but I wasn't ready. For the girls out there, don't say you are in love with him just to make him happy. Say it if you mean it, same with the guys! And when YOU are ready to take the next step, YOU should let your partner know that. Don't assume they know. I am only twenty now and he is 24. He keeps on saying he loves me and wants to marry me, but I am not ready, don't push something good. Don't force anything just because of what your friends say. Do you know how many times my close friends ask me, "OMG! When are you guys going to get married? You've been dating forever!". Who cares! Really. Do not force something just because of society. I was lucky to have found a guy like him and I hope everyone finds someone who they can share their lives with when the time is right. Sharing lives does not necessarily mean getting married and having kids. Just become closer than you ever have!


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